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Introduction for Asan Biotech Institute

The Asan Biotech Institute affiliated with Asan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., has been leading the development and production of raw materials and diagnostic reagents based on them since its establishment in 1996.

Since its establishment, it has led the domestic diagnostic reagents based on continuous investment in diagnostic reagents, which were weak areas in Korea, and recruiting talented people with excellent technology.

Even today, more than 20 years later, we are focusing on research for only one purpose: people's health and human happiness.

Research activity

Asan Biotech Institute is devoted to the development of rapid diagnostic kits, molecular diagnostics, and immune sensors based on recombinant antigen and antibody development, culture, and purification technology. To contribute to the future human health promotion, the Asan Biotech Institute is engaged in research day and night.

The various products developed in this research center combine the latest medical knowledge and technology with patient care to provide the best treatment results and contribute to the realization of healthy welfare and humanity.

Main Technology

Recombinant antigen development

The development of genetic engineering technology has enabled the production of independent protein antigens of bacteria and viruses that pose a threat to humanity, and based on this, we have established a diagnostic system that can identify human diseases and diseases. Asan Biotech Institute produces recombinant proteins for various antigens based on these gene recombination technologies and know-how, and is striving to develop world-class products by applying them to in vitro diagnostic products.

Antibody development

We possess manufacturing technology for polyclonal antibodies as well as monoclonal antibodies for the purpose of diagnosing biomarkers of specific diseases, and based on accumulated technology and abundant experience, we perform the overall task of antibody development and improve product quality through mass production.

Culture and purification system

Based on the technology for the production of microbial products, we have a virus culture system including E. coli and a system that can purify a large amount of raw materials and produce high-quality raw materials.

Molecular diagnosis development

Researchers equipped with genetic recombination, molecular biology, and bioengineering technologies are also spurring the development of molecular diagnostic products, which are evaluated as the best techniques of existing diagnostic reagents for accurate disease classification and diagnosis.

Immune sensor development

We have developed various immune sensors using Immunochromatography, Solid-phase Immuno assay, Fluorescent, Chemiluminescent, etc., and are focusing on to develop highly sensitive qualitative/quantitative diagnostic test products based on conjugation and optimization technology of protein and signaling matrix.