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성함 Gereltsetseg, C…
제품명 cell culture medium
나라 Mongolia
카테고리 Order Inquiry
제목 Price quotation
연락처 976-80226363
Dear Asanpharm team, Hello. Good evening. I hope you and your fellow colleagues are doing fine. I am writing this inquiry to ask price quotation for the following products. Products are: Plate count agar (3 pieces) Czapek Dox agar (2 pieces) Lactose peptone broth (1piece) Salmonella Shigella agar modified (2 pieces) Endo agar (1 piece) Thioglycollate medium (3 piece) Mannitol salt agar base (3 piece) Mackonkey agar (2 piece) Cetrimide agar (2 piece) Glycerol supplement (2 pieces) NBB Agar (6 pieces) NBB Broth (3 pieces) Blood agar (1 piece) I know there is some difficulties regarding COVID-19. But could you please send me price quotation as soon as possible. Thank you for your time.



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